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Easy-Walk Harness by Gentle Leader Company

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I just bought two “Easy-Walk Harnesses” made by the people who make Gentle Leader. I had read about the harnesses in a magazine. I went to Target today, and I was just looking at pet supplies like I always do, and they had them, so I bought two of them. Well, lemme tell you, these things are AMAZING! The leash hooks onto the front of the harness at the dog’s chest. It automatically makes the dog walk behind you. Then, if the dog does try to pull, you give a tug to the side “a la Cesar” and the dog (supposedly) stops pulling. I haven’t tried that part yet. I just put the harnesses on, fit them to each dog, and then we walked around the living room and kitchen. I would have tried to go outside, but the road is all ice and I’m really tired from being in Boston and driving all day. So, I will try them out tomorrow for real, outside (during the Super Bowl lolol). If this works, I will be able to walk my dogs together again with no panic attack!!!! I’m so excited!

And later….

I walked the dogs across the other side of the lake and back today with the new harnesses and it was WONDERFUL!!! ! Hector didn’t know what to think LOL It threw him for a loop! I felt SO confident. It will be interesting to see what happens when we encounter a strange dog or cat.

And the next day….

Yay!! Just got back from walk number 2 with the new harnesses. What a DREAM! Whomever invented this thing was a genius. It’s way better than the Illusion Collar (sorry Cesar!), and runs circles around other harnesses (literally lol). Hector just walked right by my side the whole time. The leash was loose “briefcase style” like Cesar demonstrates. This time we went on our usual route, only it is a big hill and extremely icy (all that melted stuff from yesterday froze overnight), so I got a little panicked about that and made the dogs turn around because I didn’t want to fall on the ice just from being a klutz lol. They didn’t pull at all. I think Hobie is mad because he can’t do his little “back out of it” routine like he tries with most collars lol. And I’m so happy because I don’t feel like I’m choking the life out of my dogs by having collars on them “show-dog style”. I think this thing is amazing. So far, so good. I’ll keep ya posted!

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