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Author weaves parents’ love story with World War II history in collection of letters

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Author weaves parents’ love story with World War II history in collection of letters

K. S. Mueller’s “More Than Anything in the World: Volume 1, 1942-1943” documents her parents’ new marriage and the hardships of their separation due to the war through letters written between them during World War II

SPENCER, Mass. (MMD Newswire) August 1, 2011 – – After her mother passed away in 2010, Kathleen Mueller and her brother found more than a thousand letters which their parents had written to one another while their father was away at war from 1942 to 1945. In “More Than Anything in the World: Volume 1, 1942-1943” (ISBN 1456547976), K.S. Mueller provides a personal and detailed glimpse into America during the 1940s and World War II.

Recently married, Sergeant Frank J. Mueller leaves his young wife for military training in the United States. While he is still stationed in the country, he is away from everything he knows and loves as he faces both mentally and physically challenging training. His letters depict life for thousands of soldiers who had to leave their homes and families to join the military during World War II.

In addition to the letters, Mueller includes World War II memorabilia and historical information to show the hardships and sacrifices made by “the greatest generation.” She contrasts life in the 1940s, when individuals would sometimes wait hours to make a phone call, with life in today’s age of instant gratification.

“I think that this work can relate to events happening currently,” Mueller says. “Nearly seven decades later, the country is at war in Afghanistan. Loved ones are still separated due to the war, but we now have email and the internet for communication.”

In Mueller’s publication of the actual letters written in her parents’ own words, she hopes to display the sacrifices and courageous efforts of World War II soldiers and their families through her parents’ correspondence. This first edition in a three-part series focuses on her father’s time in training while he was stationed in the United States. The next two volumes will cover Sgt. Mueller’s deployment to Europe and the events he experienced throughout World War II. The author hopes that readers will develop an appreciation for soldiers like her father who risked their lives and futures for the freedoms we enjoy today–and, in the middle of it all, enjoy a poignant love story between two young Americans.

“More Than Anything in the World: Volume 1, 1942-1943” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:
K. S. Mueller writes short non-fiction essays about dogs, cats and other topics, aside from her “real job” as a travel executive in Massachusetts. She found a box of more than 1,000 letters written by her parents during World War II in 2010, and decided to publish these letters in a three-volume set that covers the three years her father, Sgt. Frank J. Mueller, was stationed in various locations worldwide with the United States Army.

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