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From A Westminster Story: Teddy

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The dog show world caught the attention of the masses in 2000 with the viral popularity of the comedic film, “Best in Show.” But the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has actually been a tradition for more than 130 years. In fact, it is the second-longest running sporting event in the United States behind only the Kentucky Derby. Hundreds of thousands of dogs have marched through the show ring to display the finest of pedigree and breeding throughout the show’s long history, and Teddy the Beagle is one of those many.
Teddy joined Richard Hilton and Diana Lipari’s family in May 2007. Diana, the President of the Southern California Beagle Club, had grown up with Beagles and wanted to bring another one into her life when her 14 and a half-year-old Beagle, Lionel B. Barrymore, passed away. Upon selecting a reputable breeder, Diana decided to take on her first show quality Beagle and chose Teddy from the litter. “Teddy is a natural show dog with a lot of charisma,” said Diana. “He comes from a long line of great dogs who had that extra something.” Read more at!

From Ask the Vet: Remedies for Skin & Coat Issues

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I adopted a nine-year-old Westie last year that has had skin outbreaks continually! Vet visit after vet visit and a change of his food. Nothing seems to be a cure for this little guy and I am about to give up! This outbreak is so bad that he has lost most of his hair now! What kind of food does he need? I use oatmeal shampoo on him as the ones from the vet seem to break him out even more. Please help! 
The fact that you have already tried several hypoallergenic diets with no improvement suggests that food hypersensitivity is not the cause of your Westie’s allergies or that there may be concurrent pruritic dermatoses in addition to food hypersensitivity. Other common causes of allergies in dogs are canine atopy and flea bite hypersensitivity and these should be ruled out since diet changes are not helping. West Highland Terriers have a known tendency towards canine atopy.  Read more at!

Breaking news from

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We wanted to alert you to the following story that just broke on : BREAKING-NEWS-Dog-Dumping-on-California-Highway

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