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Livin’ on a prayer

Posted on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 7:52 pm

I’m very sad today, trying to buck up and be strong for my dog who is sick again for the second time in the last 60 days.  In August, he spent three days hospitalized.  This time he isn’t as sick as he was then, but we’re still very worried.  He can’t keep any water down, we haven’t even bothered trying food.  He has been going outside throughout the day, and has barfed about 6 times.

A week ago today, I took Hobie on a car ride and stopped at my office for a few minutes.  I heard a horn beep and thought it was just one of my co-workers driving away.  When I came back outside, Hobie had somehow managed to get himself jammed up under the steering wheel on the floor in front of the driver’s seat, and couldn’t get out.  I was horrified I had left him in the car for two minutes, how could this happen?  He didn’t seem hurt or anything, so I walked him around the parking lot and then brought him home.

Yesterday, or was it the day before (?) he fell down the stairs on his tummy while climbing up from the bottom.  It wasn’t a whole flight this time (yeah, it happened before), just a few steps.  He actually caught himself.  I was quite amazed.  That same night, or was it a different night (?) Charlie attacked him, big time, like wicked bad.  I pulled Charlie off him within 4 seconds, and as usual no blood drawn.  But Hobie made noises like a human talking.  I never heard a dog do that before.  I hated Charlie for that.  I hate myself even more.  I have made our beautiful dog’s last few years on this earth a living hell by bringing Charlie into our lives.  I feel so guilty.  I’ve never loved a pet more than I love Hobie.  I regret getting the other two dogs — even though Cooper and Hobie are hopelessly in love with each other. When Hector died, I declared that I wanted to experience life with just one dog again, and wouldn’t be adopting another dog any time soon.  That lasted 5 months. I had to be the big freakin’ hero dog rescuer, instead of enjoying what little time I had left with Hobie, whom I love so much it hurts.  The only other time Hobie and I were alone was the 5 months between when Timba died and we adopted Hector.  Seems to be a 5-month limit on my ability to be with just one dog.  I think it’s because Hobie is so EASY that I wanted to double the fun.  I know we went through “the terrible twos” with Hector (and also with Hobie — remember the cat killing incident!). They both eventually turned out to be the best dogs in the world. I know this will pass with Charlie and he will one day be a great dog.  Cooper is a gem, and I wish every dog could be as easy as him.

Here’s a picture of Hobie and Charlie when they actually enjoyed each other’s company.  I know it’s my own fault, for spoiling Charlie and letting him get away with things.

While writing this, I’ve been listening to Bon Jovi, gearing up for the concert that’s coming in a couple weeks.  The songs lift my spirits.  Hobie’s livin’ on a prayer right now, and as I walked him around the yard tonight at an excruciatingly slow pace, I kept marveling at what a perfect dog he has turned out to be.  The years and months of his puppy problems are a distant memory, in fact, they would be completely forgotten if it weren’t for the fact that we’re going through altogether uncharted problems with his successor, Charlie Brown.  And for that reason, I know that one day, it will come up way too fast, I’ll be writing about Charlie Brown and what a wonderful dog he turned out to be.

Please say a prayer for our Hobester, and let’s hope we don’t have to bring him to the hospital again tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “Livin’ on a prayer”

  1. Sorry to hear about your sad day. I know all too well about dog fights and problem dogs. I am sorry you are hurting so much over your dogs. I hope you find some peace of mind and some quiet time with Hobie and Charlie. Although I don’t foster, I know what it is like to feel guilty for fighting dogs or not wanting them. And I only say this because you were so open with your feelings. It isn’t easy. Hope your day goes better and you find some harmony with all your dogs.

  2. Thank you SO much. I had to get some stuff off my chest!

  3. My pet Diary says:

    Hope your day goes better and you find some harmony with all your dogs. Pet social network | Pet community

  4. Thank you! They are doing a lot better today. One day at a time 🙂

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