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Tuesday update

Posted on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at 10:14 am

Hobie is keeping down his food & water, and is more energetic.  Small portions, more frequently, is the name of the game for him from now on.  Based on the findings from when he was in the hospital in August, the vet suspected he had chronic canine pancreatitis.  I tend to think that’s what’s going on.  Pancreatitis is recurring.  Feeding small portions throughout the day and no table scraps is the recommended course of treatment.  We are really good about not feeding table scraps, the occasionally small piece of bread when we eat toast is about the extent of “table scraps” in our household, but we will not be doing that anymore.  We already eliminated manufactured dog biscuits (for all three dogs).  Admittedly, I’ll sneak a well-made expensive one from the dog bakery to the two younger pups on occasion.  I keep a stash in a special cupboard in the kitchen!

The landscapers are here, replacing the “trailer trash” rolled fencing that we installed as “temporary” six years ago!  The new material is real, chain-link fence, as tall as me.  Charlie will be unhappy that he won’t be able to escape anymore, but really it has been stressful dealing with one constantly-escaping dog while the other is off puking on the new carpeting! Charlie is a good dog, and thankfully never runs farther than the next door neighbor’s yard… but a good fence will prevent him from escaping the yard, thus reducing the stress level of the two humans in this household. Thankfully, we have the best (dog-loving) neighbors on the planet!

Here’s a picture of the fence that’s being replaced!  I mean, really!  What were we thinking?! LOL!

Happy-go-lucky Cooper gets overlooked in all this drama.  He continues to try to bring balance to the otherwise crazy pack (and that includes us bipeds).  He’s a good dog, and provides great therapy.  He absolutely adores Hobie, and that’s a big plus.

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2 Responses to “Tuesday update”

  1. Sorry to hear about the pancreatitis. Hopefully the small meals helps. My sister’s dog had that, so I know NO table scraps. Glad to hear you are getting a new improved fence! Our beagle used to be a runner, so I know how stressful that is when they get out… Even if they just go next door. Our beagle used to run around the back of our house where the bunnies burrowed!

  2. That’s what Charlie has been doing… if he sees a [squirrel, bunny, etc.], over the fence he goes! We had the new fence put in yesterday. It’s great! Hobie seems to be enjoying the extra attention of getting more frequent feedings ha ha. He is all spunky today 🙂

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